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Welcome to my site, glad you found your way here. If you were looking for an HVAC website, you came to the right place. I know it does not look like a traditional one and the lighthouse scene does not seem to fit in but this is a different type of website. This site is not about my company and me, it is about you and what we can do for you.

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When you begin to experience moderate to severe issues with your HVAC equipment, you go to an expert for answers. When speaking to a technician or salesman, a few people will understand what they are talking about, some have an inkling of an idea but, most are lost. The more questions they ask​ or the more “second” opinions they get, the more confused they can get. Trying to wade through quotes, proposals, and options, and not being able to understand the differences gets overwhelming. At some point, it starts to feel like a small boat on big waves, tossing here and there with no end in sight. Seeing the lighthouse, they can be guided to make it to a safe harbor. That is what I hope you will get from this site.

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You will not see any photos of equipment or ductwork except on the gallery page, which are there so you can see what equipment or ductwork should look like, and maybe a few photos of how it should not. You will not see photos of trucks or vans like you do on other HVAC websites. As I said, this website is dedicated to you and your comfort. Equipment and ductwork are important in providing you with comfort, but they are a commodity. We provide a service of comfort that uses equipment and ductwork to achieve that goal.