Providing Comfort services

For over 45 Years

My name is Ken Sillman. I am a veteran of the HVAC wars. I call it the HVAC wars because of every day your heating and cooling equipment battle the elements to keep your home comfortable. My job is to make sure that equipment is working properly and advise you on needed changes as they come up.

I have 45+ years of experience in the industry. It is important to note that these are 45+ actual years of experience and not 1 or 2 years repeated 45+ times. This industry changes constantly, and anyone who works in it needs to keep up with those changes.

My Dedication shows throughout

My History

I started in this career when I entered the HVAC program at a nearby Technical College. It was a year and a half program that taught the basics. The field has changed a lot since I graduated. This has required me to find resources to keep up with the changes. I have found them through vendors, educational/testing organizations, seminars, and websites.

I started as a technician, then moved up to be a business owner in 1996. Being the owner has required me to have even more skills than that of a technician, as now, I needed to be able to size equipment and ductwork to fit the home myself. This added knowledge has helped me as a technician as you gain more of a complete understanding of how the home and HVAC equipment work together. It makes it easier to identify some comfort issues like over-sized equipment or undersized duct systems.

I love this career and sometimes wonder if I chose it, or it chose me as I seem to fit so seamlessly into it.

Hear what my

clients have to say

Ken is quite frankly, hands down, an incredibly knowledgeable and thorough HVAC professional. His quality of service is top notch. When our A/C went out at the height of the sweltering temperatures last summer, Ken and his tech Seth got the repairs done quickly, unobtrusively, and at a really reasonable price for everything they had to do. After making the call to request service, everything was extremely smooth, hassle and headache free. It was great!

Jennafer G.

I think Ken is just awesome. Every time I call he is right there to answer my questions. And comes to my house within the hour or tells me when he can be there. Couldn’t do without him.

Linda M.